Eef Rombaut is the mother of Ella and Olivia, specialized in education and driving force of Sweetie Darling, storytelling & design for kids. She works at the University of Antwerp for the School of Education and is Educational Advisor for secondary schools. She is married to the photographer Koen Keppens. Her first children's book “Heart wanted, lost, found” (publishing company Lannoo), that she made together with Emma Thyssen (she won in 2012 the price “best designed book” in the category “best children's book”) is about love, divorce and marriage. “Heart” was translated into Hungarian. Their second picture book “Sheep is looking for shoes” (publishing company Lannoo) was translated into French, Danish and Chinese and received the 2nd prize of the children's and Youth Jury Flanders (Group 1). “Sheep seeks green” (publishing company Lannoo, #schaapzoektgroen) was translated into Chinese. “Pipi” (2016, #pipiboek) is a crazy, bizar book about potty training for publisher Van Halewyck. The publication "Friend, wanted, lost & found" #vriendboek (publisher Van Halewyck, 2017) is about friendship and the awful bully monster. "Friend, wanted, lost & found" is on the shortlist for Youth Jury Flanders 2019 (Group 2). Eef and Emma designed together a playful children's collection for clothing retailer JBC: Rainbow City Warriors (#rcwforjbc). “I see I see” (2016) is a discovery book to stimulate children’s imagination and her first book together with Leen Vanbroekhoven for publishing company Abimo (#ikzieikzieboek). "I see I see" was on the shortlist for Youth Jury Flanders 2018 (Group 1). In 2018 she released with her colleagues Ingrid Molein and Tine Van Severen her first publication on education: “Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Classroom” for publisher Pelckmans Pro.

Eef is grasping the mood of parenting & education today. Her experience with storytelling, contemporary design and education is reflected in her work. 

contact: eef.rombaut@telenet.be